Celebrate the small wins!

abundance coping May 13, 2019

I know it’s May but I’m still thinking about this past winter, and how relatively stress-free it was (minus a leaky basement).

I can’t believe I’m saying this. I despise the winter season.

That’s probably because they have always been the toughest to get through for as long as I can remember … I guess, since Ben was born.

Even if I try to be super optimistic, thinking of “winter” still conjures up images of flu season, seasonal affective disorder, hibernations, shorter days, longer (colder) nights, and a suspension of all growing seasons ... at least here in the Northeast.

Winters are lonely, too. I can’t find any complimentary words for this unavoidable period other than, perhaps, it helps me to appreciate the other seasons more fully.

I remember being told that Ben’s first year of life would be the hardest to endure. And as we approached that first winter season, I was filled with an oppressive feeling of dread, unsure of what lay ahead.

(I talk about this in Chapter 4 of the audio book version of “Third Time Lucky: How Ben shows us the way”. Listen to it here).

Februarys are the worst

Most years, Ben can’t seem to get through the month of February without contracting some serious infection that usually leads to seizures. There’s no avoiding it. It’s like a cycle.

Last year (2018) was bad. A full week of stubborn high fevers, little sleep, and multiple seizures. It’s always unsettling to see him awake from a sound sleep and watch his terrified body go into convulsions. I can't imagine how awful that must be for him.

But this year, when the calendar hit March 1, which would have been my father’s 102nd birthday, I heaved a small sigh.

There had been no punishing sleepless nights. No colds. No gut issues. No seizures. No influenza. Nothing to beat us up in February.

And then came March 21, the official start of spring. Still all good.

The smallest of things

In the grand scheme of things, this may seem like nothing. But I guess that’s the point.

Even the smallest wins have a big impact.

It’s really the simple practice of focusing on the things you have, like healthy days and nights. Sometimes it's no more complicated than that.

The small wins can be really energy boosters boost, fueling your confidence and your fitness to cope with the next crisis.

By taking time to notice the small wins, I know I appreciate more of what’s in front of me. I feel more connected. I walk a little taller. And it just feels good.

The smallest of things that you’ve overcome are important. Notice them. Celebrate them.

It will make today better!

Don't forget to check out Chapter 4 of the audio book version of “Third Time Lucky: How Ben shows us the way”. It's right here.