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SoaringFamilies is all about You

The mission of SoaringFamilies is simple -- make a difference in the lives of families impacted by a disability so they can live more freely, more fully and with more energy.

Persons with disabilities and their families know all too well the fear, the stress, and the conflict of everyday life. Like you, we have known this life for far too long.

After being told our son, Ben, might never walk, talk, or go to school, Jan and I thought our life was over. We were continuously handed an ever-growing laundry list of problems with no path to resolving any of them.

Too many times we were told to abandon our hopes and dreams, believing that there was nothing anyone could do to help us.

Too many times we felt completely alone, in our own little world, where no one could ever understand what we were dealing with.

But, in talking with hundreds of families, we discovered that many were just as lost as we were.

Confronting many of the same stressors, the same barriers, and the same limiting beliefs, even though our circumstances were different.

Jan and I wanted to find a unique way - something that had never been done before - to help families like yours soar above the barriers in your lives.

To help you find your voice in this noisy world.

To help you restore some level of control, balance, and predictability.

But, most of all, to support you, and your family, in becoming the persons you are meant to be. And not what the experts tell you to be.

So, we decided to tackle 3 of the biggest challenges that most of us face over and over again: Caregiving, Doctor visits, and Coping.

The truth about caring for your child is that it's exhausting and stressful. In Ben's case, it's also complex since he needs someone with him 24 hours a day.

Encounters with healthcare professionals, whether they are planned ones or not, always bring a certain amount of dread and anxiety.

And coping with simple, day-to-day life or more serious and painful realities never seem to get any easier.

The good news is that there is a path to hiring a great caregiver, to achieving positive outcomes with your healthcare provider, and to improving your coping skills no matter the circumstances.

We've built 3 FREE Handbooks to address each one of these challenges ... that you can start using right away!

Let us help you get started NOW!

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