Soaring Families is all about YOU!


Find Your Path to a Freer, Fuller, and More Energized Life!


The Mission of Soaring Families is simple ...

Make a difference in the lives of families impacted by a disability so they can live more freely, more fully, and with more energy.


Like you, Jan and I know all too well the fear, the stress, and the conflict of everyday life. And the tremendous amount of energy that's needed to do even the most basic of tasks.

After being told our son, Ben, might never walk, talk, or go to school, we thought our life was over. We were continuously handed a laundry list of problems with no path to resolving any of them.


Too many times we were told to abandon our hopes and dreams, which only isolated us even more.

Too many times we thought that there was nothing anyone could do to help us.

Too many times we believed there was no one who could ever understand what we were dealing with.

BUT ... Ben kept proving the experts wrong!

He taught us to BELIEVE in a FUTURE that is BIGGER THAN THE PAST!

And awakened a deep passion inside of us to share ALL that we've learned so that ...


YOU can find your VOICE in this noisy world

YOU can restore CONTROL and BALANCE in your life

And ... YOU and YOUR family can become the persons YOU are meant to be!



This is what Soaring Families is all about!

We want to help you BREAK through and start living the life you are meant to live!

"I know Mike George to be a talented writer, a gifted speaker, a creative thinker, and a fierce advocate of inclusion. Mike and his wife, Jan, have been through a lot over the years but are keen to generously share their learnings with you to help lighten your load and make your journey easier. I encourage you to tap into this knowledge and wisdom. It will be worth every moment of your time."

Krista Carr

Executive Vice President, Canadian Association of Community Living

"Rarely have I known someone so devoted to serve in such a big way! Mike George is the real deal. He is living his message. He is deeply committed to service and honoring every human. Mike has overcome great obstacles to bring amazing gifts and value to the world. I have no doubt what Mike is creating with Soaring Families will change people's lives in a profound way! Let Mike be your guide to find hope and better quality of life for your family!"

Nicole Keating

Founder, The Art of Epic Wellness

We focus on 3 of the biggest challenges that most of us face over and over again:


The truth about caring for your child is that it's exhausting and stressful. In Ben's case, it's also complex since he needs someone with him 24 hours a day.


Coping with simple, day-to-day life or more serious and painful realities never seem to get any easier.



Encounters with healthcare professionals, whether they are planned ones or not, always bring a certain amount of dread and anxiety.


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