When Your Only Hope For Survival Turns Into Unlimited Hope

"You have a very sick baby. He may not live the day!"

No parent should ever hear those words, yet this was just the beginning for Mike and Jan.

Born with multiple disabilities, Ben was just hours old and forced to fight for his life.

This is the true story of learning to cope with never-ending emotional and physical exhaustion. And where survival seemed like the only goal.

Despite being told he might never walk, talk or go to school, Mike and Jan were determined to unleash the smart, social, loving boy who was trapped deep inside a spastic body.

Ben ignored the experts and developed this unstoppable determination to live an amazing life.

He showed everyone that a world of fear and despair, of pain and exhaustion, can be overcome if you have the key ingredients for unlimited hope and the support of an inclusive community.

Listen to their gripping story to fuel your own unstoppable determination to OVERCOME ANYTHING!


Mike and Jan George

Mike and Jan co-founded to support individuals and families facing a serious medical issue or disability. They are both the authors and storytellers of the Deluxe Edition Audio Book, "Third Time Lucky: How Ben Shows us the way". By authentically taking you inside their complicated world, Mike and Jan will inspire you to believe in a future that is bigger than your past!

Honest & Compelling!

"Third Time Lucky is raw emotion. It will make you laugh and make you cry. An honest, compelling, sometimes painful, but mostly uplifting story that reflects the shared reality of families all over the world."

- Connie Laurin-Bowie,  Executive Director, Inclusion International

A Huge Weight Lifted!

I could not stop listening to this audiobook. As a parent of a child with special needs, I felt a huge weight lifted after hearing Mike admit to the same heartbreaking loss of freedom that I have felt. What a relief to know I'm not alone on this journey!

- Theresa Patterson,  Mom + Inclusion Advocate

A Real Eye-Opener!

"This book is an eye-opener ... and an important contribution to the on-going discussion about how society supports and includes people with a disability and their families."

- Ken Pike,  Disability and Human Rights Advocate


The Complete Story

The Deluxe Edition let's you experience Ben's incredible story of triumph - 28 powerful chapters worth - and witness how he proved every expert wrong!

From being told he'd never walk, talk or go to school ... to graduating from high school.

Mike and Jan are your story tellers to authentically take you inside their complicated world as only they can.

They show you - rather, Ben shows you - the way to live with UNSTOPPABLE DETERMINATION and UNLIMITED HOPE.

A Huge Shift in Your Energy

By allowing yourself to become immersed in Ben's world, great things will start to happen:

  • You will see the parallels and common struggles to your own journey.
  • You will believe that the barriers you thought were immovable, may not be!
  • You will get that boost to make TODAY different!


The Deluxe Edition will improve your skills, endurance, and fitness to cope with whatever comes your way.

This is not something that comes naturally for most of us.

You really have learn how to build your fitness to deal with tough, stressful, troubling situations ... what Mike and Jan call your Coping Fitness.

It’s no different than developing your physical fitness. You could never run a marathon if you didn't train and prepare yourself for it.

This Coping Fitness training will introduce you to the skills needed to overcome anything!




You’ll hear more expression, more energy, and more feeling with each and every chapter.

Experience and connect more deeply with Ben’s story from the beginning, how it is (or was) probably very similar to yours, and know now that you’re not alone anymore!


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AND to create a vibrant community of Soaring Families ... one with UNSTOPPABLE DETERMINATION and UNLIMITED HOPE!


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