Program Overview


The Caregiver Support Formula is a comprehensive online Program that helps you build a trusted team of competent people who share your vision of care.


How to Find & Hire the Best

Gain the confidence to hire the right person. Experience the comfort of having someone who is there to support your loved one, no matter what.

Volume One gives you all this, and more.

Follow the Formula to determine the type of person that’s right for you and your family.

Learn the expert way to interview your potential candidates to get to know them so you can answer the key question, “Do I really want to leave my family member with this person?”

VOLUME ONE: How to Find & Hire the Best

7 Video Modules & Bonus Downloads

  • Learn the 7 parts of a highly effective job description to start your search
  • Evaluate & filter your candidates using the Resume Matcher
  • Master the proven way to conduct a phone interview
  • Recognize the key behaviours to properly evaluate each candidate
  • Work with agencies to ensure you bring in only the right caregivers
  • Approach the in-home interview with confidence to make your final decision
  • Hone your listening skills to evaluate how good a fit the candidate may be

How to Check & Protect

Get a true picture of your potential caregivers before you hire them and save all kinds of grief down the road.

Volume Two teaches you the effective and professional way to conduct reference checks for a candidate, one that’s both comprehensive and easy to follow.

Follow the Formula to get yourself organized so that your caregiver can hit the ground running on Day 1

VOLUME TWO: How to Check & Protect

5 Video Modules & Bonus Downloads

  • Learn how to interpret background checks with a critical eye
  • Conduct reference checks with precision and confidence
  • Follow the right steps to get yourself organized so things begin on the right foot
  • Understand the 10 important components of your caregiver employment agreement
  • Build personalized care routines, equipment guides, meal planners, and lots more
  • Hit the ground running with ready-made templates and guides for daily logs & routines, nutrition charts, medication tracking, reference checks, and other checklists

Achieving Optimum Care

Developing a strong and trusting relationship with your caregiver is the key to achieving optimum care … because caregiving is a tough job.

Volume Three teaches how to create the right working environment in your home, or your family member's home, so that your caregiver brings their best every day.

Follow the Formula to learn the 10 best practices that keep this relationship thriving and fresh.

VOLUME THREE: Achieving Optimum Care

5 Video Modules & Bonus Downloads

  • Build a good relationship with your caregiver by conducting regular check-ins
  • Follow ready-made scripts to make your conversations easy, effective and meaningful
  • Learn the keys to communicating openly, treating people with respect, and expecting good results.
  • Understand the importance to developing a constant presence with your caregiver to support them when you're not physically there.
  • Help your caregiver bring their best every day, to build a wonderful and thriving relationship.
  • Apply our Relationship Expert Planner to achieve optimum care by following the 10 best practices of relationship management.
Ashley Totten

Mom, Teacher

The Caregiver Support Formula has been an amazing asset to our family. It gave us the skills we needed to sort through the many resumes, formulate the right questions to ask and sit down and interview people in a professional manner. We were able to have confidence in our choices of the people who care for our son with special needs. It has definitely been life changing for us!

Myles Dear

Dad, IT Professional

After having gone through the Caregiver Support Formula training,  I feel better equipped to build and manage my son's caregiving team, and develop the soft skills needed to ensure continued caregiver success.  I particularly liked the idea of having an interview in a neutral location such as a coffee shop prior to an in-home interview.  It is a very valuable step to ensure only caregivers I am very sure about get to see my son and our home.

Get all 3 Volumes today and solve your family's caregiving needs.


How to Find & Hire the Best


How to Check & Protect


Achieving Optimum Care

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Hey! We get it. You need to make sure the Caregiver Support Formula is right for you. That's why we give 30 days to try it out and see if it actually works.

So signup now, and if it hasn't helped you build a great caregiving team, simply ask for your money back within 30 days for a full no hassle refund.

What You Gain!


Bringing a great Caregiver into your life can unblock so many things for you.

More Time for More Things!

Ok, so maybe you won't be relaxing by a lake but the Formula can free up time in your day so you can get to those things you can never seem to get to ... like sleep!

Improved Overall Health!

I know! This seems like a wild assertion. But by freeing yourself of the hands-on caregiving tasks, at least for part of the day, your body and mind will thank you.

Less Rushed, Less Stressed!

Knowing that your loved one is well supported can give you the peace of mind you deserve. And can reduce life's frantic pace.

Experience Life More!

Move beyond medical needs with the freedom to simply run errands or socialize again.

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