Why taking a News Holiday can build your Coping Fitness

coping Nov 29, 2017

I don’t know about you but I’ve grown weary of the 24-hour news cycle. It used to give me a rush but not anymore. I include all social media channels in the “news cycle” category, too, since they often bombard us with a lot of useless and distracting information.

Admittedly, my attention to the news cycle was heightened after the 2016 U.S. election. The stories that came out were so absurd and eye catching it was nearly impossible not to notice them.

But a year later, these stories have become almost soap opera-like, where I can skip a whole month of episodes and still know what’s going on.

In reality, the minutiae of the “top story”, of what’s fake and what isn’t, doesn’t really matter. It adds nothing worthwhile to my life and certainly doesn’t contribute to helping me support Ben.

The only thing it does is agitate me and instill a dose of fear. Too much of that negatively affects my mood – I’ve experienced that lots of times – and makes me feel powerless to do anything. But the worst of it all is it reduces my ability to cope and take any action.

It doesn’t have be news from CNN or the BBC. It can be news or interactions with Ben’s doctors and specialists, too, especially if they’re in “fix” mode because of some new or recurring issue.

During those conversations, all of Ben’s shortcomings and deficits are brought to the surface (which I’m already intimately aware of) and the focus is all about limits and what’s lacking.

If my coping fitness is weak on that particular day, those conversations make me second guess myself, even withdraw.

A News Holiday

So recently, I decided to take a news holiday, where I went off-the-grid for 3 full days. No news watching or reading. No Facebook. No LinkedIn. No healthcare-related appointments.

I got the idea from something my father said to me a while ago, shortly after I had finished my cancer treatment. At the time, I was frustrated that the meds to regulate my digestive system didn’t seem to be working.

He told me that sometimes the body just needs a break from the meds. A med holiday, of sorts.

He was right!

So, for 3 days, I focused on Ben, and us, even while at work. I wanted to enjoy every moment with him, whether it was just watching a hockey game with him or talk about how his history course was going.

I wanted to marvel at the wonder of all the incredible things he has accomplished.

Of all the abundance in our lives no matter how insignificant those things may seem. Simple things like Ben’s smile which can light up a room and truly energize me.

Savouring all the good things can become as addictive as the negativity of the news cycle, if I let it.

The truth is we all can control the news cycle. Of what we want to listen to and when.

Start with a position of positivity and abundance and then turn on the channel when you’re ready. Taking a news holiday can get you there.

Happy Holidays has just taken on a whole new meaning!

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 -- Mike --