There's no other way to say it.

EVERY morning, millions of family caregivers wake up stressed. 

Worried how they'll make it through another day of juggling caregiving,
and work, and kids ... and just life!

If that's YOU, there are lots of ways we can help.


Grab our free CALM THE DAY! Handbook
and start relieving all that caregiving stress.

(Later, we can show you the NEW way to build
a trusted home care team around you.

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Hi. We’re Mike & Jan!

To say that caregiving has been our life for the last 3 decades seems unbelievable some days.

And, yet, we're still in the game. Still living the highs and lows of caregiving.

So, we absolutely KNOW the pain you're feeling inside and out.

We know the fear. The loneliness. The stress. The overwhelm. The conflict.

And all the other horrible things that come with caregiving. 

BUT ... we also know that caregiving is NOT a solo act.

None of us can do this alone. Nor should we!

You see, the biggest reason we’ve made it this far has been the AMAZING CAREGIVER TEAM that we’ve built around us.

Which is why we created Soaring Families.

We’ve helped hundreds of awesome families, like yours, build their own HOME CARE teams which has literally transformed their lives.

Before we jump to that, we want to put all our lived experience to work for YOU, because that's WHY we're here.

And help get some control back in your life, so you can lower your stress and have a life that you can enjoy (again).

Ready to get started?


Hear what families are saying...

"I have the tools and the knowledge to manage my parents' care team."

Before starting with Soaring Families, I was unexpectedly thrown into a caregiving role for my parents. Since joining this caring and supportive community, I have the strength and the confidence to manage their care.

Kathleen M. - Daughter, Family Caregiver

"I feel much more confident."

I started out the process of hiring a caregiver with some experience but felt pretty overwhelmed, and fragmented. But I now have the tools and resources I need.

Tami B.. - Mom, Family Caregiver

"It's a beautiful gift for caregivers."

I now feel much more confident, with a clear roadmap and toolbox to help build a circle of support around my daughter. It is incredibly clear just how deeply committed Mike and Jan are.

Cindy A. - Mom, Family Caregiver

"I gained a lot of insight being part of Soaring Families."

Mike and Jan are experts in creating a strong and supportive team to manage care at home. 

Brenda B. - Founder & CEO, Coaching for Caregivers Canada

"It will be worth every moment of your time."

Mike and Jan are keen to generously share their learnings to help lighten your load and make your caregiving journey easier.

Krista C. - EVP, Inclusion Canada

"For the first time, I can interact with others on the same journey."

Since joining Soaring Families, I feel well supported and listened to. And I've been able to build better relationships with my current caregivers. 

Robin D. - Mom, Family Caregiver

"I experienced a mindset shift that exceptional care is out there."

Hiring a team of caregivers seemed like an impossible task. Working with Mike and Jan, and other Soaring Families, opened me to the reality that a phenomenal circle of care is possible. 

Jenn W. - Mom, Family Caregiver

Once you get Home Care right,
a transformation begins ...


You start looking forward to what's next instead of dreading it. Best case scenarios are your focus as you feel more empowered to make the right decisions for you and your family.


You develop a true connection with others on the same journey, realizing you are not alone. This comfort gives you the time & space to grow your relationships and build an amazing network of support. 


You see the abundance that's all around you and become open to what's possible and positive. You easily find the balance between "serving" time with "rest/recharge/rejuvenate" time.



Trying to juggle the pressures of work, home, family and caregiving makes life complicated.

Doing it ALL yourself works for awhile. But this approach takes a huge toll on your physical and emotional health.

Reverse the cost of caregiving with our free CALM THE DAY!  Handbook and bring control back in your life.

(It's NOT another self-care checklist!)

By signing up, you agree to receive weekly-ish emails from us. Your privacy is protected and you can unsubscribe anytime.