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Meet Mike & Jan!

Mike & Jan George co-founded SoaringFamilies in 2015, determined to support anyone who is impacted by a serious health condition or disability.

After being told their son, Ben, might not live the day he was born and would likely never walk, talk, or go school, they were in a world of hurt.

If that wasn’t enough of a burden, Mike was diagnosed with colorectal cancer at the age of 44. They couldn’t understand why bad things kept happening to them.

Ben, on the other hand, ignored what the experts told him almost from the get-go, and developed this unstoppable determination to live an amazing life.

He showed everyone that a world of fear and despair, of pain and exhaustion, can be overcome IF you have the key ingredients for unlimited hope and the support of an inclusive community.

Watch their inspiring story to give you that boost you've been looking for!


"The Real Deal!"

"Mike and Jan are the real deal. They are living their message and are deeply committed to honouring every human. I have no doubt that SoaringFamilies will change people's lives in a profound way! Let them be your guide to find hope and better quality of life for your family!"

- Nicole Keating,  Founder, The Art of Epic Wellness

"Fierce advocates of Inclusion!"

"I know Mike and Jan to be fierce advocates of inclusion. They are keen to generously share their learnings to help lighten your load and make your journey easier. I encourage you to tap into this knowledge and wisdom. It will be worth every moment of your time."

- Krista Carr,  Executive Vice-President, Canadian Association of Community Living

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