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Learn 19 Tips to Hire a Great Caregiver

Get the start you need to find the right person to support you and your child! It's free!

What You Will Learn ...

Proven Interview Techniques That Work!

Know the types of questions to ask. And why paying attention to the language that your candidates use can reveal a lot!

How to Prepare Before Making an Offer!

You need to think about how you're going to train your new caregiver before you even make an offer. Our 19-tips help you get ready to do just that.

Ways to Find the Right Person Faster!

Let us share what has worked for us over the last 20 years so you can find a great caregiver with the least amount of effort.


Whether you're new to hiring a caregiver or you're a pro, the Caregiver Support Formula is THE expert way to bring a great caregiver into your life! Our flagship training programme translates the 19-tips into actionable and practical steps plus teaches you the 10 best practices to build and nurture your caregiver relationship.


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