"SoaringFamilies was created for one reason – to make a real difference in the lives of families impacted by a serious health condition or disability so they can live with more balance, energy, and freedom.

After being told our son, Ben, might never walk, talk, or go to school, we thought our life was over.

We were continuously handed a growing laundry list of problems with no path to resolving any of them.

Too many times we were told to abandon our hopes and dreams, which only isolated us even more.

Too many times we thought that there was nothing anyone could do to help us.

Too many times we believed there was no one who could ever understand what we were dealing with.

BUT ... Ben kept proving the experts wrong! And found a way to become a university graduate!

He taught us to BELIEVE in a future that is BIGGER THAN THE PAST.

And awakened a deep passion inside of us to help families everywhere create more BALANCE, ENERGY & FREEDOM in their lives!

This is what SoaringFamilies is all about! We want to help you BREAK through and start living the life you are meant to live!

And, in doing so, build a truly Inclusive world!"

-- Mike & Jan --


The Beginning of Soaring Families


As guests on the Boiling Point Podcast, we were given the opportunity to talk about raising Ben, his amazing accomplishments, and, of course, about SoaringFamilies!

LOMAH PODCAST - "Finding & Hiring Caregivers"

Listen to this podcast where Mike describes some of the 19 tips to hire a great caregiver.


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